Our PureFiber Products

Build your own set or get your PureFiber Full Set at a discounted rate.

PureFiber Full Set

Get the entire PureFiber Cleaning System with all the accessories.

Large Pads (2 Pack)

PureFiber Pads Combo.
1x PureFiber Pad for wet/dry use
1x PureFiber Polishing Pad

Chenille Pad

Great for dry and wet use. Highly absorbent for deep cleaning.
1x PureFiber Chenille Pad

Small Pad

Use dry or wet with Small Head for walls and ceilings.
1x PureFiber Small Pad

Microfiber Cloths

1x PureFiber cloth for dry use
1x PureFiber cloth for wet use
1x PureFiber cloth for polishing

Large Mop Head

Replacement head for your large PureFiber Pads.
1x Large PureFiber Mop Head

Small Mop Head

Replacement head for your small PureFiber Pad.
1x Small PureFiber Mop Head

Telescopic Handle

5' Replacement handle for your PureFiber Mop.
1x PureFiber Telescopic Handle