One stop whole house cleaning system

Effortless natural cleaning for floors, furniture, windows, bathroom, kitchens and cars.

3 Reasons to chose PureFiber

From Hospitals to Households, PureFiber removes 99% of bacteria without chemicals.



No need to fill up a bucket with water, dries instantly when used wet or damp. One mop for ceilings, walls and floors.



Removes over 99 percent of bacteria from any surface when used dry. Traps all dirt, dust, hair and more. The dust is trapped and not pushed around which is helpful to people with allergies. 


Greener & Safer

No refills needed, washable, multipurpose, and no chemicals needed to clean. No pesticides or water used and also recyclable. Safe for pets and kids.

Full Set Special

1x Big size mop head  
1x Small size mop head 
1x 5' Telescopic handle
1x Wall mount
3x 16" Microfiber cloths
1x Microfiber Chenille mop pad
1x Microfiber mop pad 
1x Microfiber Scrubing mop pad
1x Microfiber mop pad for small head.

$69.99 $99.99