How your PureFiber Mop works

Removes over 99% of bacteria from any surface


Use on all types of floors whether dry or wet

- Use your mop on hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl...
- Use wet to make your floors sparkle while eliminating 99% of all dirt and germs. 
- Use dry to remove dust, dirt, hair or bacteria and absorb oils and grime from your floors.


Swivel design and foot pressure

Use your mop in every angle to get corners, walls, baseboard and any hard to reach places. Apply foot pressure on the head to clean heavily marked floors.


Hard to reach places

Use your mop to easily reach under your couch, bed, applicances...Don't forget you can reach easily behind toilets, dust off baseboards and more...

2 Mop Heads

Durable swivel heads that are able to pivot and turn to clean hard to reach surfaces just as easily as open floors. Use the small head to clean narrow areas such as behind toilets, stairs or even along walls and ceilings. Because the large head is also trapezoid shaped, it will be easier to clean into corners without leaving behind any missed spots, or piles of dirt. Both heads twist, turn, and fold almost flush with the floor to get all the way under furniture.
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Chenille Pad 

This fluffy pad can be used wet or dry. When dry it can be used as a dust mop for any hard floor. It is also highly absorbent when compared to other pads, so use it dry to remove moisture from floors or quickly clean up spills. For general cleaning and mopping of any hard flooring surface, just get the pad damp with water to switch into deep cleaning mode. The pad and water alone will make your floors sparkle while eliminating 99% of all dirt and germs. 
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Microfiber Pads for wet/dry use

Pads can be used wet or dry to clean any type of hard flooring, and it features a thick, spongy inner core with fluffy microfiber on the face. It's great for all around cleaning, and can be used safely on any type of floor. You will find that it is fairly absorbent, but it also produces superior results when used dry. The Polishing Pad is made from a similar material, but it's combined with another fiber that improves your ability to shine surfaces as you mop.
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How to use your PureFiber Cloths

Great addition to your PureFiber Mop, they can be use anywhere



A damp cloth will cut through stubborn grime, and wipe away greasy stuff in a single pass without leaving any streaks. 



A dry one, will suck up dust bunnies like a magnet, pick up spills, or dry wet surfaces. The material will suck up any liquid it encounters, and it will hold it in without dripping.  



You will never mark or scratch the item you are cleaning, but you will always leave it free of dirt and polished in appearance.


Wipe shower doors after each use to eliminate hard water build up,clean a toilet, or quickly shine tiled surfaces, and leave them polished. Safe for every surface in the room, and highly effective as a quick clean up method. Learn more...


Simply spray with water, and then take a dry cloth to leave it sparkling. Never worry about streaks, lint, or not having the supplies necessary to get the job done. Learn more...

Furniture and Appliances

Stainless steel, wood, painted surfaces, ceramic, marble, granite... Just about any material or surface can be cleaned with this cloth. Use wet with water, bone dry, or use with your favorite green cleaner.
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Wipe down the center console, dust your dashboard, or clean tinted windows to a streak free shine. Fast detailing and professional results are pretty much guaranteed, and this tool is safe for any area of your car or truck. Learn more...

Taking care of your PureFiber Pads

Our products are washable and reusable to help you save money and the environment


After Use

When a pad becomes very dusty, just shake the mop pad over a trash receptacle or outdoors to remove loose dust and dirt particles. You do not need to wash the mop pad after every dusting.



Pads and Cloths are machine washable using any laundry soap.  Do not use fabric softeners or bleach. Fabric softeners coat the fibers and lessen their ability to grab dirt and bleach degrades the microfiber. 



Dry mop pads with low-lint items such as bed sheets since the microfiber will grab lint off the other things in the dryer. Microfiber is a synthetic material and high heat can damage it. Air drying will help the cloth last longer